Pre-Conference Institute

Friday, May 3, 3:00-6:00PM

Using The Attachment Spectrum And Relational Neuroscience For More Secure Relationships

Sue Marriott, LCSW, CGP and Ann Kelley, PhD

In this workshop the complex science of the mind, the brain and relationships will be made simple, practical and yes, even fun. We will introduce modern attachment theory and the attachment spectrum to teach you how to identify your coping style and patterns of how you may see yourself and others.  Using the spectrum you’ll learn how to roughly identify your own and close other’s overall strategies and current state of mind. The cool part is we then get to describe how these styles interact and affect one another, and show you how to cool your partner off (or warm them up) if they are upset.  We will also introduce regulation theory (Polyvagal) to enhance this self-awareness and fine-tune your sense of how we co-regulate one another. We will use props, small group discussions, videos, lecture and Q&A for the workshop. Participants will be able to:


  • Name two of five essential elements in creating secure relationships

  • Define what the vagus nerve does for stress reduction

  • Demonstrate one method of cooling off the stress system in themselves or others

Integrating cutting edge science and practical experience to explore dating, relationships, and parenting within the LGBTQ community. Open to the LGBTQ public (singles and those in a relationship) as well as allies, community leaders, and mental health professionals (CE credits available).

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