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Friday, May 3          


Onsite Registration & Check-In

When you check-in today you are good to go for Saturday as well. Hold on to your name badge and program!


Pre-Conference Institute (Optional - Purchase the Two Day Pass)

Using The Attachment Spectrum And Relational Neuroscience For More Secure Relationships

Sue Marriott, LCSW, CGP, and Ann Kelley, PhD (Room 1.302E)

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Saturday, May 4       


Onsite Registration & Check-In

Get your name badge, pick up a conference program, grab something to drink, and meet new friends! Eat BEFORE you arrive as lunch will not be served.


Welcome & Announcements

Equality Texas


Flash Sessions

12:40 -1:00PM (Choose One):

The Boomerang Effect: Research-Based Practices That Bring Love Back To You

Jeff Lutes, LPC (Room 1.302B)

Lessons From The Margins:

What We Can Learn From Communities That Embrace Kink, Fetish, BSDM, and Non-Monogamy

Faith G, Harper, PhD, LPC-S, ACS, CAN (Room 1.302E)

1:10 - 1:30PM (Choose One):

Sexual Health and Public Health: Are You Cumming?

Jenny McFarlane (Room 1.302B)

If 4th Street Could Talk: Lost, Looking, & Loving

William Lyons, LCSW (Room 1.302E)

1:40 - 2:00PM (Choose One):

Kindr On Grindr: An Adult Guide To Dating And Hooking Up

Adam Mauer, LMFT, LPC (Room 1.302B)

At The Crossroads:

Exploring The Intersection Of The LGBTQIA Community And Christianity

Caleb Matthews, LPC, LMFT (Room 1.302E)

2:00 - 2:15pm



Concurrent Workshops - Session One (choose one):

10 Things All Partners Of Sexual Trauma Survivors Should Know For A Fulfilling Relationship

Traci Pirri, LCSW (Room 1.302B)

More-Than-Monogamous: An Exploration Of Everything BUT Monogamy

Ty David Lerman, MA, LPC-S, CHt (Room 1.302C)

Coming Out To Your Kids

Karen Rayne, PhD (Room 1.302D)

The Gay Baby Boom: How To Bring Children Home And Legally Protect Your Family

Suzanne Bryant and Denise Hyde, Adoption Attorneys (Room 1.302E)



3:30 - 4:30pm

Concurrent Workshops - Session Two (choose one):

Casual Sex Versus Longer Term Relationships:

Where Are The Reconciled Scripts For Gay Men?
Rahim Thawer, MSW, RSW (Room 1.302B)

Why I Went To Reparative Therapy And How It Impacted My Life

David Schoslz, LPC-Intern (Room 1.302C)

The Spirituality Of Relationships
John Howard, LPC, LMFT (Room 1.302D)


Body Comparison, Body Image Distress And Eating Disorders:
Unique Challenges Within Same-sex Female Relationships

Erin Ebert, LMSW and Sterling Bittenbender RD, LD (Room 1.302E)

4:30 - 4:45pm


4:45 - 5:45pm

Concurrent Workshops - Session Three (choose one):

Shift Happens: Sexual Identity, Faith Crisis, And Post-Traumatic Growth

Emily Stone, PhD, LMFT-S (Room 1.302B)


Against The Grain: Non-Traditional Partnerships
Ali Johnson, LCSW (Room 1.302C)

The Daily Temperature Reading: A Simple App That Enhances Intimacy
Jeff Lutes, LPC (Room 1.302D)

Somatic Arts: Integrating Touch And Talk Within The LGBTQ Community
Susan Kaye, PhD (Room 1.302E)


Dinner with the Therapy Sisters!

Enjoy a catered dinner and a concert by the Therapy Sisters. Guaranteed to make you laugh! (Lobby and Outdoor Patio)


Keynote Address

Relational Empowerment: Love Beyond Patriarchy

Terry Real (Room 1.302B)


Closing Announcements & Adjourn

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Integrating cutting edge science and practical experience to explore dating, relationships, and parenting within the LGBTQ community. Open to the LGBTQ public (singles and those in a relationship) as well as allies, community leaders, and mental health professionals (CE credits available).

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