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The Contemporary Relationships Conference seeks to recognize outstanding efforts by individuals and/or organizations who have been extraordinary advocates for mental health and positive relationships within the LGBTQ+ community. Nominees should have demonstrated considerable creativity and innovative efforts in developing programs, services, and conversations that benefit LGBTQ+ people and/or strive to advance equality. The ideal candidate may be a well-known leader, or an unsung champion, that works tirelessly to improve the lives, relationships, and families of LGBTQ+ people.

Below are the recipient's of the award. To nominate someone for 2024, please click HERE.


2023          COLT ST. AMAND, PHD, MD

Colt is an educator, physician, psychologist, and advocate for the queer community,

especially our gender expansive queer siblings.

  • Education

    • PhD Clinical Psychology - Univ Houston

      • Licensed psychologist TX

    • MD - Univ Texas Medical Branch

      • Licensed Physician TX, MN, soon to be NY

  • Roles

    • Family Medicine Resident

    • Lecturer

    • Research Coordinator

    • Research Assistant

    • Research Mentor

    • Course Coordinator

    • Course Creator

    • Course Director

    • Ad hoc editor

    • Adjunct Assistant Professor

  • Research

    • 49 peer reviewed publications

  • Presentations

    • 21 international conference presentations

    • 52 domestic conference presentations

    • 54 guest lecture appearances

    • 17 poster presentations

  • Grants, Scholarships, Awards

    • 27 total

    • $57,000

  • CV 30 pages+

  • Former CRC presenter

  • Speaker at Texas legislature, combating recent anti-trans legislation banning gender affirming care for youth.

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