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Contemporary Relationships Conference

MAY 17-18, 2025

Monmouth University

West Long Branch, New Jersey

Register below to get QTAP certified.
The next cohort begins September 15, 2024.


QTAP Certification Program

Sept 2024 - May 2025

60-Hour Program



Since 2014 the Contemporary Relationships Conference (CRC) has hosted speakers and attendees from across the United States and Canada for the annual event that integrates cutting edge science and practical experience to explore dating, relationships, and parenting within the LGBTQ+ community. Some choose to enter advanced training by participating in our Queer & Trans Affirming Professional (QTAP) certification program to become formally recognized as a culturally competent care provider.   Meet our faculty.



Attendees and presenters from the United States and Canada make connections that extend beyond the conference.

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