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QTAP 2024-2025

The QTAP program includes two semesters and incorporates four components:

Core Curriculum Courses, Anti-Racism Classes, Consultation, and Conference Attendance

QTAP Orientation - September 15, 2024
Mandatory online meeting with our QTAP staff.
1 hour total
Virtual Team Meeting


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Core Curriculum
Review Courses

Students watch 14 hours of pre-recorded videos recorded by our instructors, each semester. Each course is followed by a short quiz which students must pass before moving on to the next course. Courses cover a variety of relevant topics, including queer & trans history, relationships, WPATH Standards of Care, legal and estate planning for LGBTQ+ persons and families, dating, non-monogamy, parenting, and more.

28 hours total


Anti-Racism Classes

Becoming a competent care provider for the queer community requires an understanding of intersectionality.  The interconnectedness of homophobia, racism, sexism, classism, ableism, anti-Semitism, ageism, etc., shapes our experiences. QTAP providers work to dismantle all forms of oppression. Toward that goal, students participate in two 3-hour Anti-Racism classes during the Fall Semester and one 3-hour class in the Spring Semester.

9 hours total




Individual & Group Consultation

QTAP students schedule four 60-minute individual sessions with their assigned faculty consultant each semester (8 sessions for the year), plus four 90-minute group sessions with the QTAP Director of Curriculum.  NOTE: Individual consultation involves confidential case discussions by those in the mental health field. Therefore, those working toward QTAP-Affiliate designation instead of certification attend group but are not required to participate in individual consultation.

8 hours individual + 6 hours group = 14 hours total

(QTAP-Affiliates = 6 hours group only)


CRC Attendance & Graduation

QTAP students finish the program by attending the Contemporary Relationships Conference (location varies) in May and earning at least 8 credit hours. This in-person event is an energetic and fun way to collaborate with your cohort and includes a graduation ceremony to publicly recognize students for achieving QTAP certification.

8 hours minimum


Get QTAP certified!

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60 Hours
Fall Semester: September - December
Spring Semester: February - May


1. Program Fee - covers access to all pre-recorded Core Curriculum Courses, and registration for the Contemporary Relationships Conference in May.*

Option 1:  Lump Sum = $800 due at registration, or

Option 2: Installment Plan = $450 at registration, and $450                                                          due 90 days after registration 

 Program Fee = $800-$900 total, depending on option


2. Anti-Racism Classes - paid directly to the instructor at the time of each of the three classes.

 Anti-Racism Classes = $100 per class, $300 total

3. Consultation - paid directly to your assigned consultant at the time of each of the eight meetings.

Individual = $110 per consultation, $880 total

Group = $50 per group, $200 total

* Travel and hotel expenses not included

QTAP Fees = $2,180 - $2,280
depending on option

(QTAP-Affiliates = $1,300 - $1,400)

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