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QTAP for fully licensed mental health professionals

(QTAP-Affiliate for therapists-in-training and helping professionals outside the mental health field)

60-hour program • September - May

A certified Queer & Trans Affirming Professional (QTAP) meets widely accepted criteria of education, training, and experience in providing ethical and culturally competent services to the queer and trans community. Fully licensed mental health professionals may earn QTAP certification. Those still working toward licensure in a mental health field, as well as helping professionals in other fields (nurses, physicians, attorneys, clergy, life coaches, etc.) may earn the designation of QTAP-Affiliate.

QTAP loosely follows the academic calendar. The Fall Semester begins in September and ends in December. The Spring Semester begins in February and ends in May with attendance and a graduation ceremony at the Contemporary Relationships Conference (CRC). The conference is an in-person event that allows students to connect with their cohort for a weekend of learning, collaboration, and celebration of their accomplishment.

The program components include pre-recorded Core Curriculum courses, live online Anti-Racism classes, and Consultation throughout the following year. QTAP certification requires both individual and group consultation. QTAP-Affiliates do not need to complete the individual consultation component.

Completion of the program provides recognition as a culturally competent care provider. Learn about eligibility below or click here for the course list or here for components and fees.


QTAP Certification - Must hold a current license to practice as a counselor, social worker, marriage & family therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, or other mental health professional, and have current liability insurance through your practice, agency, or university.


QTAP-Affiliates - Those still working toward licensure in a mental health field, as well helping professionals in other fields (physicians, nurses, attorneys, clergy, life coaches, etc.) earn the designation of QTAP-Affiliate but are not fully certified. Affiliates must also have current liability insurance through their practice, agency, or university.


  • If you meet the above eligibility criteria, apply online once enrollment is opened.

  • With your application, pay the training fee which covers access to all pre-recorded Core Curriculum courses, course quizzes, and registration for the Contemporary Relationships Conference (CRC) in May.

  • Choose an individual consultant from our faculty (QTAP students only. Affiliates are not required to participate in individual consultation since this component incorporates therapist-client case discussions). Schedule four meetings (1-hour each) with your consultant during the Fall Semester and another four meetings in the Spring Semester. You will also participate in two group consultations (1.5 hours each) each semester with the QTAP Director of Curriculum. Pay fees directly to these individual and group providers at the time of each meeting.

  • Complete 14 hours of designated Core Curriculum courses during the Fall Semester (asynchronous) and another 14 hours of designated Core Curriculum courses during the Spring Semester (asynchronous). After each online course, you must take and pass a short competency quiz.

  • Attend the two Anti-Racism classes during the Fall Semester (live, online with your entire cohort) and one Anti-Racism class during the Spring Semester. Pay the instructor directly at the time of each class.

  • The final step is to attend at least 8 hours at the in-person Contemporary Relationships Conference in May. You and your peers in the cohort will receive your certificate and be formally recognized during the graduation ceremony.


  • Add the letters "QTAP" or "QTAP-Affiliate" after your name for formal recognition that you have obtained extensive training as a safe, affirming, and effective care provider to the LGBTQ+ community.

  • Use the QTAP or QTAP-Affiliate logo on your website and marketing materials to reassure clients, customers, insurers, and potential employers that you have met educational standards to safely and effectively care for LGBTQ+ persons, relationships, and families.

  • Free profile listing on our website as a Queer & Trans Affirming Professional with your contact information so potential clients can reach you directly.

  • 25% off registration of the Annual Contemporary Relationships Conference (CRC) for as long as you maintain your certification.

RECERTIFICATION - every 2 years

  • Earn six (6) continuing education credits every two years on topics related to queer and trans health and mental health. Attending the Contemporary Relationships Conference once in the two-year period meets this requirement.

  • Maintain your professional license and liability insurance.

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